Prime Interlingual

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Understand what is said, what is partially said, and what is left unsaid.


PIL works with skilled linguists providing accurate document translation services to organizations and individuals in more than 150 languages. Please contact us to get your FREE estimate
Translation services include but not limited to:
  • Business translation (business documents and technical translations of products and services documents)
  • Legal documents translation (wills, business contracts, powers of attorney, purchase agreements, divorce settlements, transfers of property)
  • Medical translation for your products, patents, marketing, and communication
  • Medical forms, claims and records
  • Government issued documents including: birth, marriage and death certificates, licenses, etc.
  • Educational transcripts
  • Individualized Education Plans(IEPs)
  • Pharmaceutical research journals and reports
  • Engineering designs
  • Advertising media
  • International correspondence
  • Business plans and presentations
  • Employee Handbooks

And more…

Support Services: multilingual desktop publishing and rush translations