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Language Services

PIL provides language-related services, such as translation, interpreting, cultural consulting, telephone interpreting, website translation, and localization.
means translating the spoken word. Interpreting services include different types – simultaneous, consecutive, whisper, escort, over-the-phone, video remote, and sign language interpreting. Simultaneous interpreting applies to conferences, lectures, symposia, meetings, and other large gatherings. Consecutive interpreting is suitable for smaller meetings, while whisper interpreting is for meetings between two persons. Court interpreting and medical interpreting are two services that require subject matter expertise.
is for written materials, such as blogs, websites, financial, legal, medical, and educational documents, books, magazines, manuals, transcripts of interviews, and more. Subject matter expertise and certifications are needed for medical and other specializations that require specific knowledge and terminologies.
Translation includes localization, which ensures that the content of a website, product information, software, games, and marketing materials look and sound local, adapting to local culture, traditions, and preferences. Localization considers the nuances of a particular country, area or group, and may entail changes in various elements, such as colors, formats, images, and fonts.
Language assistance will be provided through use of competent bilingual staff, staff interpreters, or technology and telephonic interpretation services.